About the book from readers

Here’s what my sabumnim had to say about the book:

“Master Marcy Shoberg, in offering “Find Your Focus” to our Martial Arts community, has provided us a very readable, well thought out, and concise treatment of a subject that we all must address if we wish to continue to provide the service to our communities that we do provide.
I expect that most martial art instructors who operate schools do so because of the love of doing and sharing their respective martial arts practice, and, as such, may well prefer actually being in the classroom rather than spending big blocks of time “behind the desk”, so to speak. Personally, I have long chosen to “front natural fall” into that category.
In our efforts directed toward the SHARING of our martial arts practice, is where Master Shoberg’s new book helps us with practical insight.
In the 41 years that I have run martial art schools, though we have engaged in numerous marketing efforts, I have failed to keep a marketing log, as suggested by Master Shoberg, until starting one today!
I sincerely Thank and commend Master Marcy Shoberg on a job well done. As lifetime martial artists, we are indeed very trainable.
Respectfully, Daniel Walker, Kwan Jang”

Thank you, sir.

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